Tree Trimming

If you live in Grand Rapids and would like tree trimming services, contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. We have a team of skilled experts and professional arborists who will assess the health of your trees before the trim.

Why Trim Your Tree?

There are numerous reasons why you should trim your tree. Some of these reasons are:

  • Productivity and growth: Fruit trees need to be trimmed to become more productive. Trimming has been proven to help increase plants’ yields. Additionally, some trees have stunted growth since some branches graze and obstruct each other so there is no room to grow. Trimming these branches will also help reignite the tree’s growth.
  • Convenience or Preference: If your tree has huge branches that block light from entering certain rooms in the house, you can opt to have these branches trimmed. You are then able to let in as much light as you would want through the way you trim these branches.
  • Averting danger: Trees might have branches that are growing too close to your home’s windows. They might also have loose branches which can give in anytime and fall on someone or something. To avert this danger, it is necessary to trim these branches.
  • Aesthetics: Sometimes trees grow in an undesirable shape and you have to trim them in order to achieve the shape that you would like. You can opt for crown lifting or crown thinning to get the shape you want. For other people, all the trees in their compound have to be identical in shape, forcing them to trim them all to achieve this. Ultimately, this is dependent on an individual’s preference and style.

How Often Should You Trim?

How often you trim your tree is a personal decision based on the reason behind trimming it in the first place. However, seasons of the year do influence the frequency of tree trimming. Deciduous trees, for example, are best trimmed in autumn and winter. Trimming them in other seasons could weaken the tree due to sap bleeding out. On the other hand, evergreen trees are best trimmed from mid to late summer.

The frequency of your trims also needs to be determined by the health of your trees. A professional arborist would be able to tell you when you need to trim and when it is not necessary based on how your trees are fairing on.

Why Get a Professional

People have joined the DIY (Do It Yourself) bandwagon in virtually all areas of life. There are numerous tutorials on how to trim your own tree. This, however, is not advisable if you are not an expert. You ought to leave tree trimming to the professionals because of:

  • Expertise: Professionals have the necessary skills for tree trimming. They have experience and therefore know how to handle any situation as they go along. On the other hand, it would be easy for you to be blindsided while trimming your trees because it is not something you have done for a while.
  • Equipment and safety: Professionals are also trained in using the equipment needed. This also means that they know the safety precautions to take while on the job. On the other hand, you are not professionally trained on how to use power tools and other machinery that you would need for tree trimming. It is easy to hurt yourself, others around you or cause damage to property in an attempt to trim your own trees.
  • Avoid more problems: There is a method to tree trimming; it is not haphazard. If you do not know all the details about how to trim particular trees, you might end up making the trees worse off by introducing unsightly stubs and coral spots among other things. This ultimately affects the growth of the tree, with some branches growing as tufts. This spoils the shape of the trees and would require more work to reshape the tree so it can grow well again.

Why Choose Grand Rapids Service?

At Grand Rapids Service, we have the latest equipment required to trim your trees. Our team of experienced arborists provides the best services as they are highly trained and knowledgeable in this area. Once you pick our services, you are assured that your compound, lawn or yard will be improved and more attractive.

Additionally, we offer expert advice on the health of your trees. It is not just enough to trim. You need to know if your tree is infested with pests or if it has any diseases. This information is not only beneficial for the health of the particular tree but for other plants in the vicinity as well.