Stump Grinding

We at Grand Rapids Tree Service provide stump grinding in the Grand Rapids area. We know the benefits of stump grinding and have a team of experts that is trained in providing this service efficiently. Give us a call today if you are in need of these services.

How Do Stumps End Up in Your Compound?

A stump is the part that remains after a tree has been cut down. It is often a few inches above the ground and does not go past the base of the tree trunk. When some experts remove a tree, they leave behind the stump per the orders of the owner or because they do not provide these services. Stump grinding is considered separate from tree removal and can thus be expensive. Some people prefer to have the tree removed then deal with the stump later on.

Reasons to Get Rid of Stumps

There are many reasons why you need to get rid of tree stumps. First of all, tree stumps tend to rot and decay with time. This provides a great environment for bacteria and pests to thrive. It is also an environment where diseases can hibernate or grow. This is dangerous for anyone who comes in contact with the stump, especially children and pets if you have any. Tree stumps also make it easier to trip over and hurt yourself while in the compound. Whether you are in a hurry and trip or whether it is a child playing around the stump, the injuries that come from falling can be serious. To avoid this, you get a professional to grind your stump.

Another common reason for stump grinding is the need to carry out some landscape work. To do this, the ground has to be leveled. This means that the stump has to be removed one way or another.

Advantages of Stump Grinding

One of the main advantages of stump grinding is having level ground. This not only allows you to do some landscaping but also makes lawn mowing easier for you. Ultimately, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your compound. Additionally, stump grinding provides you with mulch if you have other trees or plants. The shavings from the stump can be used in mulching, saving you the money that you would have used to buy mulch for your plants. The mulch could also act as a source of income if you sell it to someone who needs it.

In addition to this, you make your compound safer for your pets and children by reducing their chances of tripping and falling. You also protect yourself from pests and diseases that are common in decaying and rotting stumps.

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