Residential and Commercial Tree Removal

At Grand Rapids Tree Service we provide tree removal for both residential and commercial areas. You do not have to look for an expert to do the job as you have come to the right place. For any of our services, contact us today.

Having trees in your compound, whether residential or commercial requires that you take care of them. You have to prune, trim and maintain these trees to keep them looking good. You cannot afford to neglect the trees since they could easily get pest infested or contract plant diseases, forcing them to be removed for the sake of people, plant and pets in the environment.

Commercial Tree Removal

For commercial areas, having trees makes the place look nice. To maintain this aesthetic appeal, you always have to ensure that the trees are in top shape. Sometimes, you might be forced to cut down a tree due to safety or a need for change. Some of the commercial services that are available include:

  • Storm Response

During storms, you tend to find trees uprooted or knocked over by nature’s natural elements such as wind and rain. When this happens, the integrity of a building might be compromised if the tree fell on top of the building, on the side or even through windows. The tree might also fall within the compound on cars or on the lawn. Whichever the case, you need emergency storm response where the trees are removed from the area. These services ought to be prompt.

  • Large Tree Moving

For commercial areas, you might also find large trees whose branches are blocking the light or whose roots have grown deep into the ground pushing against the foundation. These trees need to be removed so as to let light in as well as protect the integrity of the building structure. Calling in a professional arborist would be the best move. That way, an expert advises you on the best course of action, whether trimming or tree removal.

Additionally, commercial tree removal also considers transplanting trees form one area to another while they are still growing so as to make the compound look better and more organized.

Residential Tree Removal

Residential tree removal is not entirely different from commercial tree removal. The reasons behind removing or cutting down the tree are similar. Residential tree removal also provides emergency storm response as well as moving of large trees or trees that are skewed in growth and thus posing danger to people, animals and buildings. Certified arborists are deployed to the site to learn more about the health of the trees before making a decision on what to do with the tree, that is, trimming, pruning or cutting it down.

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At Grand Rapids Tree Service, we respond immediately once you have contacted us. We will send over a team of experts to check out your trees: size, growth pattern and health so as to determine how much work will go into removing the tree. This free consultation then leads up to a free and accurate estimate for the work required.